Remodeling one’s dwelling place is a project that one takes up from time to time. This is often done in keeping with the changing needs and trends. This change in the need and requirements might be because of long pending renovation work  which has not been done, or to adjust to the requirements that have emerged over the years, or maybe, because the dwellers want something new and functional. Whatever may be the reason, knowing some location specific home improvement ideas in 2024 would always help. So, here’s a list of home improvement trends in Redwood City CA for 2024. 

List of Home Upgrade Trends for 2024

Before we read about actual trends for home improvement in Redwood City CA. Let’s take a look at what principles guide these home improvement trends for 2024. 

Principles guiding home improvement trends for 2024


Innovative home improvement should stand the test of time. Therefore, sustainability has become the most important home improvement trend in 2024, especially after the pandemic. Some trends that highlight sustainability are:

  • Installation of solar panels: To use sustainable, green and clean energy is the trendiest thing followed these days.This is the need of the hour. It also reduces the electricity bills substantially.  
  • Use of recycled items for home decor: This is the need of the hour. Due to increased incomes, busy lifestyles and excessive stress levels, we constantly keep on making mindless purchases. Creating something new from the existing things is a better and sustainable idea instead of giving up to the constant urge of buying. The best out of waste is also taught to the students in schools. Use of plastic bottles, newspapers and polythene bags is done extensively to create sustainable and attractive decor items. 


With increasing work from home options after the pandemic, another crucial factor guiding the home improvement trend for 2024 is functionality. Some ways in which this factor affects the home upgrade trends are as follows: 

  • Use of functional furniture: Choice of functional furniture gives very sustainable and practical results. This has become true especially while incorporating new home offices in the home upgrades. Integration of different types of functional furniture with each other and with the overall home decor is what defines a beautiful home.
  • Stage of life: Functionality also changes with your current stage of life. A young couple will always prefer lavish and heavy sized furniture accommodating more friends, compared to an older couple. They will prefer furniture with less maintenance and lighter weight. 

While these factors guide the overall home improvement trends for 2024, there are many home improvement fads that subtly guide the choices while designing the homes. Let’s look at the home remodeling trends in Redwood City CA for 2024.

Redwood city is in the Bay area close to San Jose and San Francisco. The remodeling of the houses are very much in keeping with the urban, innovative home improvement trends of 2024 prevalent in the USA.

A house becomes a home when its inhabitants live there joyously and in harmony. The physical features of the house, the color of the walls, the furniture and their arrangement, the lighting, usage of space and the outdoors all influence the mental well being of the inhabitants. Hence upgrading both the interior and the outdoors is essential.

Remodelling Trends for the Outdoors

The curb look of a house is as important as the look of the interior. A shabby exterior is neither appealing nor inviting. It exudes gloom. For a tired soul after a hectic day in Redwood city CA, returning to a house which does not have a cheerful appearance can indirectly exacerbate the already existing stress. Hence facelift and alteration of the facade is essential. Some prominent trends for the same are as follows:

  • Bright palette or dark grey palette for exterior paint is an extensively visible trend of the times. 
  • Floor to ceiling windows are the new home improvement trend for 2024. The lights of the interior shining through these windows lift the spirit of a person returning home. It conveys warmth and belongingness. Into the bargain the visibility of the outdoors from inside brings one closer to nature.
  • A wider, bigger driveway is in vogue. A narrow strip for driving the vehicles in, is a matter of the past. 
  •  A pond, a fountain amidst a green patch gives a sylvan look to the outdoors. The pond doubles up as a natural swimming pool.
  • Some prefer artificial grass to that of natural grass as the former has low maintenance cost.
  • Gazebos are added to the decks and arbors to the backyard. This allows greater use of the outdooors.

Entrance Door and the Living Room

A door and a living room are not just a staid piece of wood with knockers on some sparsely decorated room. It welcomes the person entering the home. It is also the first impression of what lies inside the home. Therefore, giving a new look to the main entrance of the house is the in thing. One could be adventurous when designing the entrance door and the living room. Following are some trends of 2024 that guide the entrance door and living room improvement:

  • Full metal doors with handles, all glass doors, wood, four paneled and beveled doors; all can be used to give the much needed makeover.
  • The front door might open to a tiled or concrete hallway which leads to the living room; or it might open to the living room straight away.
  • The living room is an important section of a house, wherein one socializes. A commodious living room is a much needed feature of a good house and for that often closet areas and hallways are remodeled.
  • A living room separated from the outdoors by a glass screen is one of the 2024 home upgrade trends.
  • Often when making innovative home improvements the living room is so designed that it has separate areas for sitting, for a bar, a corner with a writing desk and if space permits a section for watching media. 
  • The lighting would be with dramatic light fixtures and not those old fashioned lights hanging from the ceilings. LEDs are the preferred lights for sustainability. The lighting needs to be warm and should light the whole room.
  • Unlike old times, the usage of wall papers is out of vogue. Hand painted murals are used extensively for the living room walls. Mural on one wall and a combination of muted and bright bold colors viz eggplant violet, deep green give the living room an eclectic look.
  • Flooring is generally done with available raw material viz granite.

Kitchen and Dining Area

Traditionally, all white kitchens with bright lights were popular. White marble used for countertops were susceptible to stains. Latest perceptions of a kitchen have changed the way kitchens are used and remodeled in today’s times. Some widely used kitchen and dining area improvement trends in Redwood city CA are as follows:

  • Redwood city home trends are to use bold, bright colors like burgundy, orange in the kitchen. Rich brown, smoky blues, red all give a feeling of warmth and depth.
  • Butler’s pantries are very much in demand which store China and wet bars.
  • Storage facilities with drawers and drawer inserts are essential for a functional kitchen.
  • Bright lights cause glare hence under cabinet lighting sconces are used which are functional and give aesthetic illumination. The kitchen looks pretty with dimmed light when finally the kitchen is closed.
  • Outdoor kitchen is another feature that is becoming a part and parcel of Redwood city home remodels. Grills are set up with herb pots lined on the sides. Sliding doors in between the indoor and outdoor space, help the families to enjoy fresh air while cooking.
  • Kitchen nowadays is not used just for cooking. Children and other family members lounge there as well. Hence sitting and eating arrangements in the kitchen have become mandatory.
  • For safety purposes, an induction cooking appliance is being used more than a gas stove. 


It is the most private area of a house, a place where members retire for the day. But with increasing work from home options, the remodeling of bedrooms is no more limited to relaxation. They can be revamped with the following trends:

  • A big comfort bed is a must for one to have a good sleep and rest.
  • Side tables with reading lamps, warm good lights in the room are features that should not be compromised with. Into the bargain provision for night lamps should be there.
  • A small office desk gelling well with the other bedroom furniture is incorporated in home renovations in 2024.
  • A sitting area and a workplace provides a private place to do some work in the privacy of one’s bedroom.
  • Window to let fresh air in, floral wallpaper and rugs add to the comfort quotient.


Last but not the least attention should be given to the bathrooms. It is an important but often most neglected part of a house. With modern home improvement trends bathrooms are not only clean and simple but luxurious and royal. Some trends defining bathroom renovation are as follows:

  • Bigger the better; hence inhabitants are drawing spaces from closets, hallways, and even bedrooms
  • Larger shower area and proper toilets
  • Elegant yet smart bathroom fixtures with contrast color combinations
  • Big size mirrors, small and sleek storing space to keep bathroom detergents and soaps
  • Recessed lighting and sconces to add the luxury effect
  • Marble or granite flooring that gives a royal look to the bathroom


Home improvement trends in Redwood city, CA are in line with the rest of the country especially adjoining areas of San Francisco. Sustainability, functionality, maximum utility of space, stage of life and being closer to nature are the main factors affecting remodeling of the houses. If you want to make a house, you can anytime make it using your own design. But if you want to build a home incorporating different needs of different family members yet making it aesthetically best, it is suggested to hire a local professional like Danz Constructions. They are the best home remodelers in Redwood City CA. Providing services like kitchen and bathroom remodeling, full home remodeling, garage conversions and room additions, they are the most professional service providers of this sector. When an organization has a mission to transform houses into dream homes, it undoubtedly would be the best choice for home renovations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should one remodel one’s house?

Depending upon one’s requirement one should go for remodeling one’s dwelling place. Just because something is trendy one should not embark upon a remodeling project.

Should the recent trend be incorporated when remodeling a house?

Recent trends generally incorporate innovations taking place in the building industry. But as the bottom line of renovation is requirement to suit the inhabitants’ lifestyle; it is best to take expert advice.

Should one go for total remodeling?   

This depends on the requirement of the inhabitants, condition of the house and also the budget .

In case of total home remodeling do the inhabitants need to shift?        

That depends from case to case. But companies like Danz Construction take every possible measure, so that the inhabitants do not face any difficulty, even if they have to shift. 

Do the Redwood city remodeling companies do physical surveys before embarking upon a project?

Companies like Danz Construction talk to their customers, find out their requirements, send their team to assess, give reports to the client and then do the necessary follow up.