Home office is no more a luxury but a necessity. A constantly changing dynamics of the work especially after the pandemic has led to a change in the interiors of many homes across the world. Home office additions have become the most popular home remodeling trend. But why is there a need for a separate office space at home? What are some valuable tips for home office design? And what are the things to be included in a home office? Let us answer these important questions one by one.

What are the benefits of a separate home office?

As work from home options increase in the digital era, home offices become a necessity. Following are the reasons for the need of a separate home office:

Less distraction and noise

Home is an abode of work, play, enjoyment and relaxation. There is a continuous noise of utensils and gadgets as everybody uses them as per their schedule and not your office routine. 

Family members are bound by a sense of belongingness which is nurtured by engaging in meaningful communication. Sometimes these communications take the form of loud laughters, happy smiles or heated arguments. All of these can be major distractions when you try to concentrate on some important work or you are in the middle of an important meeting. At that time, a separate home office helps to lessen the distractions and noises as you try to focus on work. 

Saves time and money

Increasing fuel prices and a constant time struggle for multiple roles: time and money are real luxuries today. Therefore, many businesses save them with the option of work from home. “Work from home” is becoming a new trend. It does save your time and money on the daily commute. Therefore, one has to be flexible with the setup of a home office. If you do not need it now, you or your spouse might surely need it in the near future. 

Clear line between work life and home life

We saw how distractions and noise in the home may affect your work. But a separate home office clearly marks the line of difference between work and home life. This separation is necessary to enable you to give 100% on both the fronts. When the line of difference is very thin, the duties on both fronts happen essentially through guilt of not being able to give 100%. 

Increased focus and productivity

There is something called conditioning of the mind in psychology. It works here also. When you finish or leave aside your home work and relationships, sit at the designated desk for office work the mind automatically gets into the mode of thinking about office work. This increases the focus and in turn your productivity. You are now mentally and physically away from your role at home and are ready to give your best to the professional role.  

Ergonomic advantages

Imagine what happens when you slouch on the sofa with your laptop for hours together or work from the kitchen platform stretching and bending uncomfortably. These lead to unhealthy posture which in turn lead to backache, neckache or other posture related problems. Designated home office means a dedicated desk with appropriate height, office chair with proper back rest and hand rest, basically a setup that is ergonomically advantageous for you. 

Things to include in a home office

When designing your own home office some things are a must to give it the look and feel of a home office. Few of those things are:

Appropriate lighting

It increases focus and reduces eye strain. Maximum natural light would be ideal. But if it is not possible, then a well lit space with adjustable LED lights is also fine. 

Desk and chair

Ergonomic desk and chair are essential for a proper posture to support your back and neck during long working hours. 

Computer or laptop

In today’s technological world, whatever your work is, it is impossible to work from home without a desktop computer or a laptop. 


A webcam is helpful if you are going to have video meetings at work. Nevertheless, buying a high quality webcam is one of the best investments. 

Storage unit

Some basic writing materials (notebook, pen, pencil), earphones, chargers, important work related documents will always be a part of your home office. Therefore, a smart and sleek storage unit is a must in a workplace. 

Strong internet connection

A strong and stable internet connection is very important if you are working from home. 

Plants and other decorations

Greenery increases the energy vibes during the hectic work schedule. Some decorations, pictures of motivational quotes to keep going or photos of friends and family can also be made a part of your home office. 

Some practical tips for designing home office

Even if you know the reasons for incorporating a separate home office and things to be included in the same, knowing some practical tips while designing the home office are always handy:

  • Prioritize functionality while designing your home office. For example, keeping the desk closer to the natural light like a big window. 
  • Keep ample space for your home office but do not make it extra spacious. Choose the space appropriately and wisely. 
  • Some houseplants or desk plants can be helpful in adding to the decor. Some indoor plants absorb harmful rays of the gadgets, increase positivity and decrease stress.
  • Color the walls appropriately for your home office. For example, if you have a creative job you can choose bright and bold colors to make you feel energized and motivate you.
  • Prioritize comfort along with focus. Because if you have to stay long hours working at your desk, you might keep a small sofa to stretch and work occasionally or take a power nap between the meetings.
  • Design your workspace in such a way that you can easily clean and declutter regularly. Heavy cabinetry which is tedious and boring to clean from inside should be avoided.
  • Place the heating and cooling systems well so that they do not impact you directly making you uncomfortable.

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Home office is a necessity that you might sense either today or tomorrow. So, designating a separate office space is important for the same. We read about some benefits of incorporating a separate home office in your home. We also read about the things to include in a home office. Lastly we saw some practical tips for designing a home office to enhance productivity. These tips are useful when you choose the home office location, structure it effectively and add elements to complete your home office. While doing so you must not forget that a home office is an extended expression of your thoughts and work. So plan meticulously and seek professional help to make out the best of what you have.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I incorporate a separate space for home office? 

The benefits of allotting a designated office space in your home are:

  • Less distraction and noise
  • Saves time and money
  • Clear line between work life and home life
  • Increased focus and productivity
  • Ergonomic advantages

How to plan a home office?

Planning a home office needs thinking about the following points:

  • Choose a place closer to the natural lighting
  • Find a quiet corner of your house
  • Choose ergonomic furniture
  • Pick right colors
  • Focus on office needs and comfort both
  • Use convenient and easy to clean storage solutions
  • Add some quotes or photos to motivate you
  • Seek professional help

How to arrange the layout of a home office?

Choose the right location for the home office. Most importantly, place the desk facing the window or the natural light source. Other things can be arranged as per the position of the desk.

How do I decorate my home office?

  • Add some motivational quotes, picture frames, decorative cups or wall hangings.
  • You can also bring in the natural element by placing potted plants. They are aesthetically appealing and good for health.
  • Plan the home office meticulously so that you include your favorite decorations in it.